Saturday, 22 June 2013

Welcome to my new virtual home! Please come in and make yourself comfortable.

Within the next few days (well, to be honest, it´s rather going to be a few weeks ...) you will find here more information about my books, impressions of my life - and struggles - as a writer, updates on new projects and much more. So please, stay tuned!

But where are my manners? First of all, please let me introduce myself .
My name is Claudia, I live in Bavaria, in the beautiful city of Munich. I love travelling, hiking, movies, books and good food. And I love to write. My debut is a romantic fantasy trilogy that was published 1.5 years ago in Germany and is now on the way to conquer the rest of the world. 

The title of the trilogy is GHOSTBOUND. It combines an extraordinary love story with a suspenseful murder mystery - and the victim helps to solve the case! The first book is available on amazon as ebook and paperback. Book 2 is currently at the editor and book 3 is under translation.


The German title is "... und der Preis ist dein Leben" and can be ordered in books stores and everywhere online, for example at Amrûn.

So, thank you for visiting and I hope to see you more frequently from now on!




  1. Really like to welcome you as a fellow blogger. That's so cool! Looking forward to reading loads of interesing entries.

    See you soon,

  2. I would like to say welcome" as well! Hope to get some interesting news and other stuff here :)